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Book no.2
The Blonde with the Ice-Blue Eyes

     Organized crime is squeezing 1947 Los Angeles; from nightclubs, restaurants and the movie industry, to factories, port shipping and organized sports.  Police and politicians are on the payroll; prostitution, illegal drugs, and gambling rampant.  Through violence and intimidation, they leave a trail of bloodshed and misery.

     Matt Thornton P.I. forms an unofficial gangster squad to prevent the takeover of a girl friend's popular strip club in the foggy waterfront town of San Pedro, another friend's saloon in the heart of L.A. owned by an ex-chorus girl and a movie studio in Simi Valley owned by a Hollywood movie star.  He's also hired by an insurance company to investigate the suspicious theft of diamond jewelry from a wealthy oil company executive in the exclusive community of Palos Verde.  His search leads him to a young woman's body in the Arizona desert and beautiful Margo Powers, "The Blonde with the Ice-Blue-Eyes" he meets on the train.  She's one step ahead of the mob and the city morgue.  

      Thornton unravels their connection in a background of Hollywood movie stars, flashy arson, kidnapping, a drug smuggling operations and several murders.  He ultimately dispenses his own brand of justice in a world of steamy sex, two fisted vengeance, violence and corruption.

"Excerpt from The Blonde with the Ice-Blue Eyes"

           "To bad you can't take the lady's hint chum.  Have it your way," I said, grabbing him tightly around the collar and twisting his tie.  His eyes instantly bulged like a squashed toad, as I began crushing his Adam's apple.  He tried to struggle out of my grip, but it was tighter than a vice cop with an overdue arrest warrant and he started to melt down quickly.  He looked like the type that usually throws up when he's confronted.  Instead of a couple of heavy blows to his bulging midsection, I gave him several sharp rough open handed cuffs across the chops to cool him out.  I never pull my punches.  These were hard enough to dislodge a few of his Chiclets and loud enough to call for a ten count from the gawkers enjoying the show.  He fainted in a shocked heap in the aisle.  This loser was now out colder than a frozen mackerel and would stay that way until the train ride was over.

Matt Thornton spoke in a blaze of bullets!

" Blackmail turns to murder and Matt Thornton is up to his neck in lust, two fisted violence and hot women"  


    She was a blonde Venus in a black lace negligee with high speed curves that spelled;

"Danger - Slippery when Wet"


The order came straight from the top- "Find her fast, make her talk and get rid of the body."


"She was a woman with a cloudy past and an even darker future"


She was built for trouble in a package for sale.

150 Willow Pt

Abbeville, SC 29620

© 2018 by David R Thompson - created with

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